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Boars hair brush cleaned regularly to remove excess oils and dirt

Boars hair brush to keep tresses smooth, sleek and shiny

People who want to know what is a boar bristle hair brush may be surprised to hear that its bristles closely resemble that of human tresses. It also has the unique characteristic to absorb natural oils from the scalp. It creates a perpetual conditioning circle by picking up the oils, taking it through the strands and absorbing excess to be brushed through later.

The hairbrush is made of the bristles of mature boars. These bristles are packed together & formed into a hairbrush. If cared for, one of these brushes will serve a person well for many years. It will assist in keeping both scalp and people's tresses in excellent condition. They do however have to be cleaned regularly to remove excess oils and dirt.

It is advisable to wash brushes at least once a week and to allow them to dry overnight to ensure they are completely dry before once again using it. Before wetting these brushes people are advised to comb out all loose strands and dirt. Wash in a mixture of warm water and oily hair shampoo. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Rinse well in warm water and place bristles down on a towel and leave to dry. Never use a boar bristle brushes while they are still wet.

These brushes are known to keep tresses smooth, sleek and shiny if used daily. However it is important to note that boar bristle brushes do not remove knots. People may want to use a large tooth comb to comb out knots before giving the scalp and tresses a stimulating brushing with their boar brush.

Another spin-off of using this type of brush is that they are considered to have a stimulating effect on scalp blood flow and encouraging healthy hair growth. Many people find the entire process of brushing their tresses with long steady strokes to be very relaxing and therapeutic.

When using one of these unique brushes important sebum oil manufactured at the roots is not allowed to accumulate in clumps on the scalp. Sebum oil accumulation has a tendency to leave hair looking dirty, oily and limp. With steady brushing the oil is taken up on the natural bristles and spread all the way down to the ends.

With its primary function to enhance the hair's condition and ensure it is always clean and polished in appearance these brushes are hi-tech. They are indeed an old fashioned concept that is still ideal in the 21st century.

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