Monday, 2 July 2012

Low fat high protein diet healthy diet best tasting stored fat cells

Low fat high protein dietlove a high fat diet

By the time you finish reading this, you'll know that a low fat high protein diet isn't as restrictive as you might think, although there are some people that love a high fat diet, (like the Atkins diet), because of the satiety factor. While there are some people that don't think a low fat high protein diet is the best tasting because fat adds flavor to food, it is possible to make minor modifications to your style of cooking, such as marinating meats and adding herbs or seasonings.

If you are trying to lose weight, protein is food your body needs to build muscle mass and with less fat in your diet, your body will burn stored fat cells for energy. The main thing to keep in mind with a low fat high protein diet is that you need to get enough nutrition to make up for the lack of energy that some people report. Your fat cells are the body's energy or fuel cells and when your body doesn't get enough fat from the food you eat, it will start burning these energy reserves.

As you lose more fat and more weight, you might start to feel like you have less energy because the body's metabolism will start rationing the supplies. It is at this stage that dieters report they have hit a plateau on their weight loss, even though they are maintaining a low calorie diet that doesn't contain much fat. When you are on a low fat high protein diet, it might become necessary to vary the foods you eat, as your body tries to hold onto these fat reserves.

Many dieters are "satisfied and experience weight loss" on a low fat high protein diet, assuming they season their meat and incorporate legumes, which are a source of protein, high in fiber. You can still eat all the vegetables you want and there are many fruits that are low fat. If you like meats, eggs and cheeses, the low fat high protein diet might work for you. By eating lean meats and other low fat sources of protein, you can continue to build muscle mass and take care of your skin, hair and nails, since they need protein to flourish.
Many people that go on a low fat high protein diet report that supplementing this diet can provide a better range of nutrients, giving your body all the essential ingredients it needs for more energy and healthy growth. You may consider incorporating a "super food" supplement to fight fatigue, increase your metabolism and energy levels, while increasing your vitamin and mineral intake, which are complaints that some dieters mention. To properly lose weight, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet works the best, but if you incorporate a "super food", such as pure Acai berry, you can get quicker weight loss results.

This type of supplementation may be all you need to lose 1 to 5 pounds per week, regardless of diet, because it offers antioxidants, which burn fat while fighting toxins. Those that can't maintain a low fat high protein diet as part of their lifestyle can still lose weight with a healthy diet and pure Acai berry supplements.

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