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Duplex ultrasound advanced form of ultrasound technology veins call

Duplex ultrasound peripheral vascular arterial disease

The detection of blood flow and the presence of certain veins call for a very advanced form of ultrasound technology. When most people think of ultrasound, they think of the fairly limited ultrasound used to detect babies in the womb of mothers.

Duplex ultrasound varies greatly from the traditional ultrasound used to check on unborn babies as well as common gynecological disorders such as ovarian cysts, in that it combines two forms of technology. Duplex combines conventional ultrasound technology with Doppler ultrasonography.
Doppler Ultrasound Technology

Traditional ultrasound uses sound waves to bounce off of blood vessels and create a picture within the body. Doppler ultrasound records sound waves as they reflect off of moving objects rather than just stationary blood vessels. It can reflect off of blood and other things moving within the body and measure speed and other aspects of flow.

When Duplex is used
There are a number of different reasons duplex ultrasound may be used. The various types of duplex include;
o Arterial and venous duplex-this is used to view blood vessels and flow in the abdominal area.
o Carotid duplex-used to view the carotid artery in the neck. This artery is essential to life.
o Duplex ultrasound-used for examination of the extremities such as arms or legs.
o Renal duplex-examines the kidneys and their accompanying blood vessels.
How the Test is done

If your doctor orders a duplex ultrasound, it will likely be performed in the ultrasound or radiology department. Tests done for cosmetic vein procedures might be performed in the office or medical spa the treatment is being done at.
During the exam:

o You will be wearing a medical gown and gel will be spread over the area that will be examined.
o A wand, called a transducer, will be moved over the area and it sends out sound waves.
o A computer measures sound waves and changes them into pictures.
o You will hear a swishing sound which is the sound of your blood moving through the arteries and veins.
During certain tests, doctors may wish to calculate an ankle-brachial or ABI index. This is done by wearing blood pressure cuffs on your arms and legs. This test checks for the possible presence of peripheral vascular arterial disease.

For more information on duplex ultrasound as used for the treatment of serious various veins, visit the website of the dermatology experts at Zimmet Vein & Dermatology.

14 week ultrasound Downs Syndrome and Edwards Syndrome non-invasive series

14 week ultrasound Downs Syndrome Trisomy 18

You would think that as many times as I have been pregnant (this is number 6) and with my history and all that I have been through I would have heard of everything by now.
So when my doctor suggested because of my age, that I get tested for Downs Syndrome and Edwards Syndrome - I really had no clue what Edwards Syndrome was. But since the test is a non-invasive series of blood tests coupled with an ultrasound that specifically measures the nuchal fold, I said sure, and then went about my research on Edwards to see what it is that I am at risk for now that I did not know about before.
What is Edwards Syndrome?

It did not take long to realize why I had never heard of Edwards before, the life expectancy of Edwards babies, if they survive to birth, is pretty short. Only a small percentage (5-10%) are expected to survive their first year. I will write more on Edwards later, but for starters Edwards Syndrome is a genetic disorder also called Trisomy 18, where for some reason baby gets three sets of gene 18 instead of just the two he is supposed to have. But I tried to stay positive, and when my first round of blood tests came back normal, I was relieved, but still hesitant.

And I do not mean any disrespect to those who have babies with Downs Syndrome or Edwards Syndrome, but I fully expected Abigail to be my special needs baby, and since I never got the chance to be her mom, well, I am just not sure I am up to the task (although history has shown me that you tend to step up to whatever your baby needs.)

My 14 week ultrasound showed everything about the nuchal fold to be within the normal range (as well as showing us that even this early, our baby is definitely all boy!) I was relieved and even pretty much expected this pregnancy to go along normally (or at least normally for me - with my weekly shots of progesterone, modified bed rest, and one or two more visits to the ER with "unexplained" bleeding.)
Foot Fetish Anyone?

So I was all excited at our 20 week ultrasound to confirm that our baby boy was healthy and all was well. I was hoping for some good pictures for his scrapbook, maybe a cute little wave for the DVD.
The ultrasound started out great, baby was sleeping so we got some good shots at first, then he woke up, curled into a ball and hid below my pelvic bone. The tech seemed obsessed with getting good pictures of his little feet (which are cute, but really, do we need to spend 15 minutes on this?) My three kids were getting restless, and I wanted to see my baby boys face. After a while, the tech said she could not get any more good pictures and she would see if the doctor could get any. I inquired about a few baby parts: kidneys? Yes he has two and they look normal. Heart? yes it has four chambers and is measuring fine. Stomach and intestines? Look fine and are in the right place. Okay. And then she left. I forgot to ask about the large dark spot I saw a few times on the ultrasound, but figured since she did not mention it, it must be normal. (Should have known better.)

Then the doctor comes in and tells us that based upon both my lab tests and the previous ultrasound, that my chances of having a baby with Downs Syndrome or Edwards Syndrome have gone from 1 in 100 (based on my age) to 1 in 60,000! Woo hoo! But my joy would be short lived.
So the doctor tries to get some shots of the baby, again looking for his feet and hands (is everyone here on a foot fetish today?) But baby is not cooperating, his feet are crossed and pulled in real close to his hands and body. (I find out later in my research why everyone is looking for the feet - malformed feet is a common birth defect in babies with Edwards Syndrome)

What the Heck is a Choroid Plexis Cyst?
After a short time the doctor tells me that my baby has a choroid plexis cyst (also called a CPC). He says that the CPC is not a birth defect and it will do absolutely no harm to the baby, and they usually go away by birth, but the one in my baby is "significantly" large (yes, he said significantly - like three times) and so he really thinks we should keep an eye on it and get a better scan. He then says that the reason they look at CPC's even though they do not harm the baby is that in some cases they are associated with Edwards Syndrome. And that despite my earlier test results, my statistics have changed (he did not elaborate on this.)

So basically what I heard is "your baby has a large mass in his brain. It will not hurt him, but it means that he may or may not die at any time between now and his first birthday - but try not to worry."
Basically the only way to be sure is to do amnio - which is not worth the risk to me. Whether or not he has Edwards - I do not want to end his life any earlier that it will be naturally - I just need to treasure every moment that I have with my baby, because I know all too well that life is just too short.

Portable ultrasound machine pass through liquids and soft tissues

Portable ultrasound machine how ultrasound machines work

The joy that overcomes couples when having a baby is unmatched in any other walk of life. On the contrary, pregnancy is one of those life-changing events that will prove to be overly costly. Many partners will opt to buy their own machine in order to keep a keen eye on the baby while it is still in the womb.
It was invented in the 1960s, and, over the course of the last 40 years, has changed with advances in technology. Here's how ultrasound machines work:

o use same techniques as sonar, which was developed for ships at sea.
o The process begins with a machine called a transducer. This machine, when placed over the belly, emits sound and listens for returning echoes that bounce back.
o The sounds that bounce back are analyzed by a computer within the machine, and then transformed into moving images. This is what creates the image of an infant inside the womb.
Ultrasound waves are meant to pass through liquids and soft tissues, which is why they are so effective during the course of a pregnancy. In addition, ultrasound machines are often used when studying soft organs in patients.

Recently, the use of portable has been on the rise. Upon their invention, portable ultrasounds were very costly and not nearly as efficient or accurate as the traditional ultrasound machines. As technology has grown, so has the ability and power of these transportable devices. Portable ultrasound machines give people the ability to see images of their unborn child while in the comfort of their own home.

Globally, these machines have given a plethora of opportunity to both doctors and patients. Millions of people in third world countries don't have the means of using ultrasound machines, which is often problematic for those who are pregnant. Portable ultrasound machines give people, who would normally never have a chance to use an ultrasound machine, the ability to check the infant's health while it is still in the mother.
Advances in modern medical technology have reached out all across the world. Perhaps one of the most influential inventions was the portable ultrasound machine. Because of this device, fewer babies are being lost during the course of pregnancy, not only in the United States but all over the world.

Advances in modern medical technology have reached out all across the world. Perhaps one of the most influential inventions was the portable ultrasound [] machine. Because of this device, fewer babies are being lost during the course of pregnancy, not only in the United States but all over the world.

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Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer skin growth is cancerous long term sun damage

Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer spread to tissues

A squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer is a type of skin cancer that usually results from a long term sun damage or exposure to ultra-violet rays to the skin. Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer spreads gradually and also has the capacity to spread to tissues near the affected area such as the eye. The cancer can also spread to distant parts of the body in case, it is not treated on time.
The best and the only way to make sure if a skin growth is cancerous is to go for a biopsy. The process involves removal of a small section of the skin. Thereafter a pathologist analyzes it under the microscope in a medical laboratory.

Remember that a biopsy is not a process to remove cancer. It just works towards taking off the tip of the cancer.

In some cases the skin tends to heal once the biopsy is done as it grows over the cancer. However, this does not indicate that the cancer is removed completely. Here, the cancer is only covered with a blanket of skin. In case, the cancer is not removed fully, it can get deeper in to the skin and even metastasize to the internal organs of the body resulting in death of a human being.

Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer is known to be one of the most common forms of skin cancer. It is shocking but true that over 25,000 new cases have been reported in a year in the United States alone. The cancer originates from the squamous cells that are most of the portion of the upper layer of the skin.
All cases of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer are not serious. If detected early and treated promptly, one can easily survive this disease. However, if not treated properly, the disease can prove to be very hard to treat and can even result in disfigurement.

There are several causes of the origination of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. Some of these include the following:
i) Frequent and long exposure to harmful sun rays. This result in severe skin damage and ultimately develop in to squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer.
ii) The damage to the skin done by sun is the most responsible factor for development of this type of cancer. The face is most exposed to sun and the cancer spreads to the other parts of the body.
iii) Light skinned people have greater risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer.
iv) People who have already developed this cancer are said to develop more.
Chronic exposure to the sun is the main cause of this type of cancer. The tumor invades to body parts such as face, neck, bald scalp, hands, shoulders, arms and back that are more exposed to sun. The lower lip and the rim of the ear are more vulnerable to these cancers.

Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer may also develop due to certain types of injury such as scars, burns, long existing sores, sites exposed to X-rays or some harmful chemicals, such as arsenic of by-products of petroleum. Reduced immunity is also one of the main reasons for the spread of this type of cancer. Detect and treat early to stay away from possible damage and full recovery.

Skin cancer on nose treatment for nose skin cancer for health reason

Skin cancer on nose treatment case of the most extreme

One of the most common places for occurrences of skin cancer is on the nose. Because the nose is often exposed to the sun, it is constantly experiencing the bulk of the atmosphere's ultraviolet rays, making it a prime target for skin cancer. This is an issue for many, not only for health reason, but as the nose's prominent placement on the face makes it a rather unsightly place for the sores associated with skin cancer. And, with other cancers it is always important to seek treatment for nose skin cancer, as it may spread throughout the body.

Like any other cancer, the sooner you catch and treat nose skin cancer, the better off you will be. Early detection, as always, is the key. With nose skin cancer, it is best to seek surgery quickly, in order to remove the cancer before it increases in size, becoming larger and more noticeable. If you think you may be developing the warning signs of this, it is important to go see a doctor immediately -- either your general physician, or a dermatologist. Your doctor will be able to answer any questions, address any fears and walk you through the available treatment options. So, do not let fear keep you from seeking immediate help.

Often, it is treated either by blasting with liquid nitrogen or cutting with a hot knife. Only in the case of the most extreme or persistent nose skin cancers, including malignant melanoma or cancers of a larger size, will surgery be necessary. But even those procedures are relatively quick and easy. Just remember, if you have this, no matter which type of cancer it is, whether serious or not, it is most likely that your doctor will opt for the least invasive method possible to treat it and treat it correctly, in order to lessen the chance of the cancer's reemergence.

Skin protection from the sun a few vital tips proper skin care

Skin protection from the sun a few dreaded sun burn

Don't you just love sunny days? Do you want to enjoy every outdoor activity or hit the beach wearing that new bikini? It's really inviting to spend the day until you think of all the sun's harmful effects to our body and all you want to do is find some shade to give your skin protection from the sun. But why worry and cancel that beach get away or that walk in the park when you can effectively get your skin protection from the dreaded sun burn, premature ageing, and skin cancer?

Though it is essential to have certain amount of sunlight daily, anything more than what's needed is bad. The ugly effects of the sun are very much avoidable with proper skin care and protection. Here are some of the best ways to have your skin protection from the sun.

1.Limit sun exposure. The key is to expose yourself only to what you need. Limit your exposure time under the sun's peak hours which is between 10AM to 4pm.
2.Wear protective clothing. A wide brimmed hat is a must especially when you are going to the beach or just strolling in the park. A cool, light colored shirt with sleeves covering the arms is also recommended. A long skirt for women and long pants for men to protect the legs. You could also wear your favorite sunglasses to protect your eyes and eyelids from the glaring sun.
3.Use sunscreen. Sunscreen lotions can absorb the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and give your skin that needed protection. Always remember that the higher the SPF, the better and longer you get your skin protected from the rays of the sun. Reapply sunscreens frequently, especially after swimming or sweating heavily. Also look for a broad spectrum sunscreen which protects your from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun.
4.Always rehydrate with water. You may not notice it but exposure to the sun makes your body lose moisture through the skin by sweating. Bringing your trust water bottle helps you to rehydrate your body and your skin as well.
These are just a few vital tips to keep your body and your skin protection from the sun. Disregarding these may cause over exposure to the sun UV rays and can lead to:
*Premature Ageing
*Skin Cancer
*Drying or itching of the skin
*Flaking of the skin
*Rough and thickened outer layer of the skin
*Enlarged and clogged pores

Getting enough amount of sunlight everyday is essential. However, everyone needs to get skin protection from the sun to prevent sun burn, premature ageing and skin cancer. There are several ways to be protected like limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing, using sunscreen and rehydrating with water. Keeping this in mind helps your skin stay healthy and safe from unwanted skin problems.

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Low fat salad dressing your body burn cooking formulas calories losing centimeters or weight

Low fat salad dressing body oil and balsamic vinegar

Low fat mixture of cold foods dressing recipes are cooking formulas that have low fat content and usually help if you are on a diet. Imagine how difficult it would be if you are eating low calorie mixtures of cold foods but with dressing that have a high fat content. It would be a total loss and you can in fact be surprised by gaining a few pounds or kilograms instead of losing centimeters or weight after being on your salad weight loss program.

Most salad dressing cooking formulas have vinegar in common and they are known as vinegarette salad dressing recipes. An alternative compound usually used to replace vinegar is wine or lemon juice. The most commonly used vinegars are oil and balsamic vinegar. Some cooking formulas that are made using oil and vinegar are the French salad dressing recipes, the Italian salad dressing recipes, Asian salad dressing recipes or the more traditional oriental salad dressing recipes.

The oil used for the oil and balsamic vinegar salad dressing cooking formulas varies. A good idea is to use virgin olive oil or canola oil. If you decide to use olive oil, I suggest you mix the oil and the vinegar or lemon juice before adding it to the salad, as olive oil tends to be a little bit thick.

You can lose weight by using low fat salad dressing cooking formulas. Home made low fat salad dressing cooking formulas that uses fat free mayonnaise are healthy to eat and can also help you to lose weight. Salad dressing ingredients with no sugar is good for the body because too much sugar is unhealthy and not only does it slow down your metabolism, too much sugar will definitely add weight instead of help your body burn calories.

Eating fruit salads give you more energy but be careful because fruit contain lots of sugars.

Vegetarian recipes low fat very easy homemade vegetable sauce

Vegetarian recipes low fat very easy using skim or evaporated milk

Even if you're a vegetarian, you might find the number on the skill slowly creeping higher and higher. Part of the reason may be that while you've given up meat, you have managed to replace it with foods with a high fat content, like whole-milk cheeses, cream, a lot of olive oil, and fattening nuts. The best thing you can do to create your own low fat vegetarian recipes is to take your current favorite vegetarian recipes and replace some of the ingredients. Instead of mixing cream into soup, try using skim or evaporated milk. Instead of using whole-milk cheeses, try substituting with low-fat cheeses. In terms of olive oil and nuts, while you shouldn't remove these items from your diet, you should use them more selectively. However, if this isn't enough, there are a number of specific easy low fat vegetarian recipes out there that you can follow.

Red beans and rice is one very easy recipe that is incredibly low in fat. In fact, it only has around one gram of fat per serving. To make it, in a pot with a lid sauté some chopped onion, red pepper, and garlic in a tiny amount of canola oil until softened. Then, add salt, cayenne pepper, and thyme. Finish by adding rice and water. Bring the water to a boil, cover, and simmer for about twenty minutes. Then, add a can of kidney beans to the rice without stirring. Just cover the pot back up and let stand for another five minutes. Then, remove it from the heat, stir, and serve hot.

You can also make a penne with a homemade vegetable sauce that only has six grams of fat per serving. In a skillet, heat a tiny amount of extra virgin olive oil and sauté diced carrots and a thinly-sliced leek. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar over the vegetables to help them caramelize better. Then, stir in diced zucchini, frozen peas, green beans, salt, and pepper. Cover and cook until the vegetables are tender. Finally, stir in some chopped parsley and diced tomato, along with some additional salt and pepper to taste. While you're waiting for the vegetables to cook, boil some penne pasta. Once it's done, toss the pasta with the vegetable sauce and serve while hot.

A third possibility when you're looking for low fat vegetarian recipes is a Vegetable Bake that has less than four grams of fat per serving. Spray a skillet with some cooking spray, and sauté some chopped zucchini and onions until they start to soften. In another bowl, mix the sautéed vegetables with a chopped tomato and some parmesan cheese, and spread over the bottom of a greased pie plate. In another bowl, stir together some reduced fat baking mix from Bisquick®, skim milk, and some fat-free, cholesterol-free egg substitute, which you can find in your grocery store. Pour this mixture into the pie plate, and bake until a toothpick inserted into the center of the pie comes out clean.

Low fat chocolate recipes extremely low in points

Low fat chocolate recipes chocolate ice cream sandwiches cookie sheet, repeat

Chocolate Mock Ice Cream Sandwiches
When watching your weight, try not to completely take away your comfort foods. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods or sweets might lead to binge eating when finally giving in to the craving. Instead, indulge in one of these guiltless pleasures. If you prefer not to have chocolate ice cream sandwiches, substitue the chocolate grahams with plain grahams, honey grahams or cinnamon sugar grahams. The cinnamon sugar grahams make a really interesting sandwich, though it does up the calorie and possibly the point count up a bit! These are extremely low in points if you are following a diet with a point system; look it up or ask your counselor for the exact count.

* 1 box chocolate graham crackers, thawed in refrigerator, if frozen
* 1 large tub low fat, fat free or sugar free whipped topping (any flavor desired)
* 3 Tablespoons powdered sugar (optional)
* Sugar free or fat free instant hot chocolate drink powder (optional)
1. On parchment paper line up 10 graham crackers.
2. Spread 3 Tablespoons whipped topping on each cracker.
3. Top each with another graham cracker.
4. Put those ten sandwiches in the freezer on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet until frozen, then put them in a zippered bag with parchment between each one.
5. While they are freezing on the cookie sheet, repeat with next batch of crackers and topping until finished.
For chocolate filling, add sugar free, low fat or fat free hot chocolate drink powder in the topping until desired chocolate taste is achieved.

For added sweetness, dust the top of the finished sandwiches, before freezing with cocoa, powdered sugar or sugar substitute.

Linda Talbott Brewer is the Nashville Comfort Food Examiner for, Nashville.
Linda will be writing many more recipes for ezine as well as for examiner Nashville. Check back often for food adventures, food oddities, comfort foods, healthy comfort food makeovers and food histories.

Low fat biscuits oatmeal cookies are oil free out the coconut

Low fat biscuits oatmeal cookies unrefined cane sugar

This is a special treat for you and for me. Well, for Phil too if I let him have some...
These low fat oatmeal cookies are oil free, and can actually easily be made virtually fat free as well by leaving out the coconut.

When we arrived in our room in Kotor, Montenegro - that turned out to be an apartment shared with just one other couple - there was unrefined cane sugar waiting for me in the cupboard. I took this as a sign that I had to make some cookies.

With an oven, rolled oats and whole wheat flour, everything was working in my favor. I also used raisins, cinnamon and shredded coconut, but you could add whatever combination of goodies you like. I used a technique I use for muffins and cookies that does not use any oil, since I still don't want to lug any around with me on our travels. It's actually a good excuse to stick to whole food methods, which I much prefer.
Keep in mind that with this technique, because different styles of rolled oats will absorb different amounts of water you may wind up with a batter that is either too wet or too dry. I've listed measurements that work for me, but go slowly and adjust as you go.
They make a great treat to take with you when you head out sightseeing, hiking, or just curled up at home with a good book.

Prep time: 10 min. Cooking time: 15-20 min.
Time from start to eating: 25-30 min.
Makes 12 small cookies.
Low Fat Oatmeal Cookies Ingredients
2 cups rolled oats
1 cup hot water
1 tsp cinnamon/nutmeg/allspice mix
1 cup flour
¼ cup raisins
¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
¼ cup unrefined sugar
pinch salt

Low Fat Oatmeal Cookies Directions
1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Mix together 1 cup of the rolled oats with the water in a large bowl. Add the cinnamon, stir to combine and leave this for a few minutes, so that the oats absorb the water.
2. Next, pour in the rest of the ingredients. Stir them in gently, and add more water or oats as necessary to get to a cookie batter consistency.
3. Spoon out onto a baking tray lined with parchment, and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until they are just starting to brown around the outside.
4. Pull them out, let them cool for a minute, then transfer them to a cooling rack to cool fully, if you can leave them that long. I hope you enjoy these low fat oatmeal cookies, the latest of my healthy vegan recipes.
To watch a free video of me making this low fat oatmeal cookies recipe, so I can show you the exact techniques that will make the perfect oatmeal cookies, go to
Heather Nauta is a registered holistic nutritionist who teaches you how to live a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, including how to get proper nutrition, enough protein, vitamin b12 and other minerals, and how to make an amazing variety of simple, fast healthy recipes that taste incredible for you and your family.

Low fat high protein diet healthy diet best tasting stored fat cells

Low fat high protein dietlove a high fat diet

By the time you finish reading this, you'll know that a low fat high protein diet isn't as restrictive as you might think, although there are some people that love a high fat diet, (like the Atkins diet), because of the satiety factor. While there are some people that don't think a low fat high protein diet is the best tasting because fat adds flavor to food, it is possible to make minor modifications to your style of cooking, such as marinating meats and adding herbs or seasonings.

If you are trying to lose weight, protein is food your body needs to build muscle mass and with less fat in your diet, your body will burn stored fat cells for energy. The main thing to keep in mind with a low fat high protein diet is that you need to get enough nutrition to make up for the lack of energy that some people report. Your fat cells are the body's energy or fuel cells and when your body doesn't get enough fat from the food you eat, it will start burning these energy reserves.

As you lose more fat and more weight, you might start to feel like you have less energy because the body's metabolism will start rationing the supplies. It is at this stage that dieters report they have hit a plateau on their weight loss, even though they are maintaining a low calorie diet that doesn't contain much fat. When you are on a low fat high protein diet, it might become necessary to vary the foods you eat, as your body tries to hold onto these fat reserves.

Many dieters are "satisfied and experience weight loss" on a low fat high protein diet, assuming they season their meat and incorporate legumes, which are a source of protein, high in fiber. You can still eat all the vegetables you want and there are many fruits that are low fat. If you like meats, eggs and cheeses, the low fat high protein diet might work for you. By eating lean meats and other low fat sources of protein, you can continue to build muscle mass and take care of your skin, hair and nails, since they need protein to flourish.
Many people that go on a low fat high protein diet report that supplementing this diet can provide a better range of nutrients, giving your body all the essential ingredients it needs for more energy and healthy growth. You may consider incorporating a "super food" supplement to fight fatigue, increase your metabolism and energy levels, while increasing your vitamin and mineral intake, which are complaints that some dieters mention. To properly lose weight, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet works the best, but if you incorporate a "super food", such as pure Acai berry, you can get quicker weight loss results.

This type of supplementation may be all you need to lose 1 to 5 pounds per week, regardless of diet, because it offers antioxidants, which burn fat while fighting toxins. Those that can't maintain a low fat high protein diet as part of their lifestyle can still lose weight with a healthy diet and pure Acai berry supplements.

Low fat vegetarian recipes some easy health benefits tips free for you

Low fat vegetarian recipes healthier and fat free

Being a vegetarian in itself has many health benefits, but if your goal is to lose weight, then you may want to consider low fat vegetarian recipes as part of your daily cooking routine. Vegetarian food is already really healthy, but to lose weight you will need to take extra steps to make it even healthier and fat free for you. Below are some easy tips on making regular recipes, low fat vegetarian recipes.

Tip 1: If a recipe calls for butter or margarine, make sure that it is low fat butter or margarine that you use. This will greatly cut down on the total fat content of your meal.

Tip 2: Many delicious dessert recipes call for sugar. Instead of using regular white sugar, use a zero calorie alternative. The end result will usually taste the same, but you will be cutting the fat content significantly.

Tip 3: Do you love sandwiches or toast? Stop eating white bread. It's high in calories and it isn't going to help your digestive system or your weight loss. Instead of white bread, start using whole wheat bread, which is a much healthier alternative.

Tip 4: Do you love your salads? Although your salad is probably very healthy for you, the type of salad dressing you use could be hurting you in the long run. Switching to lighter salad dressings is going to help you cut back on fat in your salad. Limiting your use of cheese, or using light cheese instead can also help to make your salad low in fat.

It's not very hard to alter existing recipes in order to create low fat vegetarian recipes. All it takes is a few substitutions in your daily routine, and you will start losing weight. Not only will you lose weight, but your body will be healthier and have fewer toxins.

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Homemade remedies for acne Lemon juice and rose water several modern medication

Homemade remedies for acne treat their problems modern medication

Homemade remedies for the treatment of any kind of disease has been one of the best choice for the centuries. Hundreds of years ago when people experienced any kind of disease, they used to treat their problems by making homemade remedies. Even today, several modern medication are discovered by following the concept of homemade remedies of old ages.

In the same way, there are hundreds of homemade acne remedies as well.
These remedies can easily be made at the comfort of the home and they are inexpensive too.
In this article I will share some remedies which can help you to cure your acne problems.

Use Of Toothpaste to reduce the swelling
I don't know whether you will believe or not tat toothpaste can be very effective in reducing the swelling and the size of your pimples. Take a bit of toothpaste and apply it on your pimples for overnight. Next day, wash your skin with warm water and you will see a significant decrease in the size of your pimples.
Lemon juice and rose water
Lemon juice and rose water both are believed to have very positive effects on our health. Mix lemon juice along with rose water in the same proportion and form a paste like substance. Apply that paste on the acne affected area and leave it about an hour. After an hour wash your skin with warm water. Doing this will not only help you in curing acne but also helps to keep your skin healthy.
Turmeric powder and lemon juice.

Lemon juice can also be used along with turmeric powder. Instead of mixing with rose water, mix the lemon juice with turmeric powder to make paste like material. Like above mentioned method, apply paste on your affected areas for an hour. Then wash your skin with lukewarm water.
Salt and vinegar

Salt and vinegar are also used as home remedies to cure acne and many other disease. Mix salt and vinegar in same proportion and apply over acne affected area for about 20-25 minutes. After that time clean your skin with water.

Cucumber as a hydrating agent.
Cucumber is very nice option when comes to refreshing and hydrating the skin. It can be used as a facial mask. Apply it on the face and leave for about 30 minutes. After doing that you will instantly feel a new freshness in your skin.
Besides these simple Homemade remedies, you will find many other treatments as well for treating your acne.

This is the simple article about the homemade remedies which can be very beneficial for the treatment of your acne. You can find many other remedies as well on the internet.

Great Choice silicone scar sheets extremely affordable for Scars of All Types

Great Choice silicone scar sheets extremely affordable

The silicon scar sheet has become quite popular and is known to reduce facial scars. The scar treatment product is great for delivering amazing results by reducing the scars and also by improving the overall appearance of the skin. They help people to achieve a smooth and soft skin over a period of time and have shown positive results for most users. The silicon scar sheet is a high grade pharmaceutical product that is widely used across the world to treat and heal scars - in hospitals, by physician and even individuals. In fact, the silicon sheet is a non invasive device, medically proven to work well on scars and help heal and treat them.

Benefits of Using the Silicon Scar Sheet
The benefits of using silicon scar sheet to reduce and treat facial scar has already been proved. It is clinically effective for all types of scars. Besides promising to reduce the scars, there are other benefits that are associated with the sheet- like the general improvement of the skin tone and texture. After using the product you will notice a softer, smoother skin with even tones. Besides, it is also noticed that the general texture of the skin also improves over time with the regular use of the sheet. The sheet also has some therapeutic effects and once applied, you will experience lesser itching and reduced pain, thus a general decrease of discomfort.
The silicon scar sheets are made of durable grade medical silicon and are also washable and reusable. They are extremely affordable and you will need only one sheet during the entire course of your treatment. The sheets are available in different shapes and sizes and can be used anywhere. There is a self adhesive to hold the sheet in place and all you have to do is to place it over the scar. There is no need of a separate medical tape; however, if you are using it for a longer period of treatment, you may require an additional adhesive tape to hold the sheet in place. The strength of the adhesive may be affected by the oiliness of the skin and also the duration of the treatment; and thus in most cases extra adhesive is also provided with the sheet.
Great Choice for Scars of All Types

The silicon scar sheets are also extremely useful for treating not only new scars but also they are great for the old scars. These sheets are extremely effective and will also work on improving the appearance and color of the scar. It is easy and convenient to use and you are sure to achieve a smoother and more even facial skin. It enhances the natural healing process and restores the skin back to its natural texture. The fact that is it painless and affordable, makes it an extremely popular treatment options for all, across the world. Often these sheets are available in a scar kit and it would be a good choice to invest in those. The sheets are effective on all types of scars and hyper pigmentation, stretch marks and even the most stubborn ones that do not respond well to the treatment creams and the other standard over the counter treatments, responds well to the silicon scar sheets.

Scar revision surgery depth and degree of the scarring examines the scar

Scar revision surgery depth and degree your plastic surgeon

Sometimes unfortunate things happen, such as accidents and burns, that cause scarring on various parts of the body. A scar is what is left after a wound has healed. You usually can't avoid them and how they develop cannot be predicted. Bad scars are usually attributed to problems while the wound was healing and sometimes cause disfiguring of your appearance. They are usually raised or recessed and different in texture or color from the surrounding tissue.

How your scar is treated depends on the depth and degree of the scarring. Your treatment may be simple or it may include the closure of the wounds through surgery so that the scar can be made much smaller and less visible and may depend on the location of the scar. Your plastic surgeon can decide what type you need at your initial consultation when he examines the scar.

How do you know if you are a good candidate for scar revision surgery? it is a type of surgery that is made specifically for your scar and it should be done to satisfy you, not someone else. If you are a good candidate you do not have any major health problems, you don't smoke, and your goals for the surgery are realistic. The success of your surgery depends on them.

During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon you should be able to tell him why you want the surgery and be prepared to answer questions about any medical conditions, allergies to drugs, medical treatments, or surgeries that you may have had in the past. At this time, the surgeon will do an evaluation of your health, examine the details of your scar, take pictures, and discuss any of your treatment options with you.

You may now be wondering what will happen during your surgery. Well, first you will have anesthesia, which could include local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon will know what kind will be the best for your procedure.
There are three main types of scar revision surgery. These are
• Topical, which uses gel or tape on the wound to close it properly;
• Injectible, which is used to fill concave scars;
• Surface, which improve the scar for cosmetic purposes and include dermabrasion, laser therapy, chemical peels, or bleaching; and
• Surgical, which is used for scars that are deep under the skin.
Finally the incision is closed through a layered closure so that there are no scars from your scar revision surgery. This starts from below the surface and is layered until the top surface is closed.
As with any other surgery, there will be some pain and discomfort which can be aided through mild painkillers.

If you are considering having your scar revised you will want to consult a plastic surgeon to see what your options are so that your appearance can be improved.

Tips to burn fat how to burn abdominal fat reate a six pack

Tips to burn fat how to burn searching for much abdominal fat

So you want to know how to burn abdominal fat.
Great I give you five tips how you can do it.
Well why should you do it? First of all a fat abdomen is a serious health issue.
Perhaps you have found this article by searching for more information on how to create a six pack.
well anyway with to much abdominal fat you won't get results.
Do you know that everybody has abs, yes even you. But if you have to much abdominal fat people won't see them.

So it is time to burn it away.
1. Salty food. What are you doing.
Me to I love salty food but if you want to lose abdominal fat you have to reduce your salt intake.
Water is being hold trough salt and the more salt you take in, the more water you retain.
If you want to burn abdominal fat say no to crispers.
2. Do cardio exercises.
Get up off your lazy ass and start doings some cardio exercises.
But what exercises can I do? You can choose from a wide range of exercises such as swimming, running, aerobics, dancing, rollerblading.
My recommendation to you: Do them all, if you do only one exercise well it is a little bit boring.
3. Eat less and more.
If you really want to lose abs fat you need to adapt your eat pattern.
You will need to eat less each meal.
But wait there is good news also; you should eat more meals in a day.
If you are unsure about adapting your eat pattern contact a diet specialist about it.
And don't drink sweet drink anymore if you really want that six pack.
4. Ban trans fats.
Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fats.
Did you know that eaten trans fats increases the risk of a hart disease.
If you want to know what you don't can eat just take a look at the food label.
If It contains words like ""partially hydrogenated" or "shortening" or "hydrogenated vegetable oil" well don't put it in your shopping car.
But wait I'm sure you have found these words even if the label promises you that the food doesn't contain trans fat. Well be sure it's a lie.
5. Don't skip breakfast
This is a much overlooked technique to burn abdominal fat.
You and I know both that we are living in a stress-world and we don't always take time to have a breakfast.
Well never skip your breakfast.

And a last tip add some yoghurt and fruit to your breakfast.
Or why don't you try fresh pressed orange juice.
Well I think you found this tips useful, didn't you.
To burn abdominal fat it is not enough to read these tips you have to take action as well.
Grab a free report from a professional fitness instructor and author
How it is simple just visit my weight loss tip site and you can "steal" it.

How to lose weight fast naturally foods and some supplements and herbs

How to lose weight fast naturally full of energy and vitality improve

This diet will ensure your full of energy and vitality improve skin tone make your hair glossy and detox and make you lose weight fast.
The above diet is totally balanced and unlike fad or crash diets will not deprive you of any food groups or make you feel ill

So here are your tips to lose weight fast.
1. Go Organic & Up fruit & Veg Intake
Switch your shopping to buying organic ingredients and up your fruit and veg intake
2. Drinks
Cut down or eliminate alcohol, fizzy drinks and caffeine. Switch to Green tea loaded with antioxidants and make sure you get plenty of fresh water - 2 litres a day.
Water is will flush out your system and is known to help speed up the fat burning process.
Also as many hunger pangs we get are thirst pangs this will keep appetite in check.
3. Eliminate processed foods
Such as burgers and Pizza's and get more good carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice and jacket potatoes to ensure that your blood sugar levels are kept even and you have plenty of energy.
4. Get good fats
We all need good fats their vital to our health and vitality. They will protect against illness, supports the immune system make your skin, hair and nails look better
The best way to get them is from oily fish such as, mackerel, salmon, sardines, herrings and olive oil.
Make Sure you get 3 - 5 servings a week and take a fish oil capsule daily.
5. up your intake of lean protein
Lean protein provides an immediate satiety factor - it keeps you full for longer periods.
It also prevents insulin spikes that lead to energy falls and sugar cravings.
It maintains muscle mass which is crucial in the fat burning process.
At least 20 - 30% of daily calories should be lean protein get it by eating:
Cottage cheese, low fat yogurt, skimmed milk, egg whites, fish, shrimp prawns, skinless chicken, turkey, beef, lentils, fish, kidney beans, tofu and soy products.
6. Eat fiber
This keeps food moving through your bowel. Just like water, fiber rich foods bulk you up and make you feel full.
The average person could lose around 10 pounds per year just by doubling their fiber intake. The average person consumes about 8g per day this should be increased to 25g per day.
It's found only in plant foods and our bodies are unable to digest it so it's simply eliminated.
In the process it cuts calories by attaching to some of the protein and fat that you eat along the way eliminating that as well
Finally, fiber rich foods are normally low in calories and filling so eating more of them means you're eating fewer calories and consuming less calories from other foods.
Start your day with a high fiber cereal and keep eating fiber throughout the day.
Good choices include: strawberries, apples, figs, and chickpeas, potatoes with skins, broccoli, brown rice, beans, and nuts.
7. Eat regularly
You can eat 3 main meals a day with two snacks in between.
Never skip breakfast so that you don't suffer hunger pangs later in the day. Your body has been without food for 8 - 10 hours so fuel it and set your self up for the day.
8. Portion Control
Make sure you aware of portion control. With your 3 main meals to get the portion size of brown rice you can have as example, clench you fist and that's the amount you can have same with vegetables and protein consumed.

Why the above diet will help you lose weight and be healthy
The above diet will help you lose weight naturally as it's balanced and It will give you energy, vitality and make you feel and look better - Try it and see.

Want to see daily Suggestions?
Then check out part two of this article, where we will go over some sample daily foods and some supplements and herbs you can take as well.

Lose tummy fat fast how to get rid of man or woman a low carb diet

How to get rid of Lose tummy fat fast

It has happened to all of us, we put on a few pounds then a special occasion comes up, like a wedding or a reunion and when we go and try and on that dress that we bought a year ago, because it was on sale, that is just perfect for the occasion, we find that it is too-tight.

In this article, how to get rid of tummy fat fast, I am going to lay out steps that anyone, man or woman, can use to be able to fit into that special outfit, however, there is one catch, this is not a long term plan, simply one to be used for times when you need to lose a few pounds in a hurry!
O.K. lets get started!

One more thing for the sake of this article I'm going to assume you have a week to drop the extra weight you need to for the special occasion outfit to fit, if you have more time, great, however if you have less, do not despair these tips will still work you just won't lose as much weight.

The first tip is simple and you can start doing it right now, simply stand up straight (you can also do it seating as well) and take a deep breath through your nose now let it all out through your mouth, and imagine you are trying to zip up that tight dress or pair of pants.

Suck in your stomach as far as you can, hold it for a count, and then let go.
This simple movement works the transverse abdominal muscle (which is the deepest of the six abdominal muscles) and when done regularly, especially right after getting up in the morning before you've eaten can reduce your waist by up to one inch!

It's not magic, just the fact that your working those muscles.
You can also do this movement throughout the day, and I would recommend this if you are in a hurry to lose as much as you can around your waist, however if you are looking for the most bang for your tummy-flattening-buck do your deep breathing/stomach vacuums first thing in the morning.

Start off doing only a few and work up until you are doing about 5-10 minutes worth in the morning.
An added benefit of doing this movement is that it helps to condition the upper abs as well.
Also, this a good method to remind yourself not to over-eat, whenever you find your self, craving or reaching for something, you know you should have, suck your stomach in 5-10 times, this serves a duel purpose, first it will help get your mind off food and second it will help to remind you of what you are doing all this for.
The second tip is to go on a low carb diet, the reason being that this will cause you to lose excess water which should make you a little bit smaller.

The simplest way to do this is just to cut out all sweets and breads and eat basically meat, salads, and vegetables for the week.
As I said above it may not be the healthiest thing to do, but you should be o.k. if you only do it for one week or so.
My last tip is simply to try and walk as much as possible, I know this does not sound like much, but when you just start on a low carb diet and are stressed as it is about the special occasion the last thing you need is to start a full blown exercise program.

And besides walking burns calories and can be fit in anytime, on the treadmill, during a lunch hour, and before and after work.

When you are trying to squeeze in a special outfit, every ounce of movement helps.
I hope you enjoyed how to get rid of tummy fat fast, but please remember, losing weight fast is never a good idea, it is best to always lose it slowly.

If you enjoyed the tips in this article and would like to learn more, including how you can get a FREE 12 part mini course called BIG FAT LIES which is a shocking expose of the 12 biggest scams, lies, cover-ups, myths, and deceptions in the Diet, Supplement andWeight Loss Industries simply visit

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Round hair brushes best for rich with proteins and nutrients

Round hair brushes best for all kinds of styles

The brush, when used properly, keeps hair untangled and more manageable. It is used for styling the hair and making it look healthy and beautiful. Hair brushes also promote hair growth and create strong, luscious locks. They also help evenly distribute the hairs natural oils, which are rich with proteins and nutrients.

There are a number of brushes on today's beauty market, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. All too often, women buy hairbrushes just because and put little thought into the type they purchase. Keep in mind there are all kinds of styles and you need the one that is best for your hair. Just because a brush is your favorite color or you saw one at your friends house doesn't mean its the brush for you! Buying the perfect hairbrush means creating perfect hair.

Here's a no-nonsense guide to the top three hair brushes on the market:
The round hair brush. This gives the hair curl, flair, layer, bounce and volume. If you have long, layered hair, you will benefit best from a round brush. There are two types of round brushes one with thick bristles and one with bristles that are less dense and spread over a metallic surface. The metal brush is much easier to use and styles hair more effectively. There is only thing to remember when you shop for a round brush the smaller the circumference of the hairbrush, the tighter the curl will be. The larger round brush creates excellent oomph and volume at the root of the hair and is best for long hair. Dolls with shorter hair should use a smaller round brush. Depending on the look you're going after, you may want to use two different sized round hairbrushes when you style your hair.

The paddle hair brush. This is excellent for straightening medium to long hair. A paddle, unlike a round brush, does not circulate air. It creates a flat surface so it can smooth as it strengthens and lengthens the hair. This is great for women who want that fabulous hippie-straight hair look made famous in the 1960s. The paddle hairbrush comes in several sizes, each designed for a specific length of hair. For example, women with shorter hair should use the smallest brush. With long hair, round hair brushes are often used in conjunction with the paddle brush to give curl to the ends.

The Vented hair brush. This has spaces in the center of the brush to create a sort of vent between the hair and the blow dryer. This is the most basic and simplest of brushes. When hot, vented air passes through the brush and hair, it dries the hair faster and makes it easier to blow-dry. These brushes also detangle the hair and boosts overall volume.

When it comes to buying a hair brush, women in ancient Greece or Rome weren't so lucky, ladies! The worlds earliest brushes were constructed of natural materials like shells, bones, coarse animal hair, porcupine quills, wood, bronze and copper. Yikes! Women are not the only ones who appreciate the value of a good brush, of course. Many of the worlds most dashing men use brushes to style their hair today. Even the Vikings, a bunch of the roughest, toughest men who ever lived, cared for their hair by using combs and brushes they made hundreds of years ago!

Boars hair brush cleaned regularly to remove excess oils and dirt

Boars hair brush to keep tresses smooth, sleek and shiny

People who want to know what is a boar bristle hair brush may be surprised to hear that its bristles closely resemble that of human tresses. It also has the unique characteristic to absorb natural oils from the scalp. It creates a perpetual conditioning circle by picking up the oils, taking it through the strands and absorbing excess to be brushed through later.

The hairbrush is made of the bristles of mature boars. These bristles are packed together & formed into a hairbrush. If cared for, one of these brushes will serve a person well for many years. It will assist in keeping both scalp and people's tresses in excellent condition. They do however have to be cleaned regularly to remove excess oils and dirt.

It is advisable to wash brushes at least once a week and to allow them to dry overnight to ensure they are completely dry before once again using it. Before wetting these brushes people are advised to comb out all loose strands and dirt. Wash in a mixture of warm water and oily hair shampoo. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Rinse well in warm water and place bristles down on a towel and leave to dry. Never use a boar bristle brushes while they are still wet.

These brushes are known to keep tresses smooth, sleek and shiny if used daily. However it is important to note that boar bristle brushes do not remove knots. People may want to use a large tooth comb to comb out knots before giving the scalp and tresses a stimulating brushing with their boar brush.

Another spin-off of using this type of brush is that they are considered to have a stimulating effect on scalp blood flow and encouraging healthy hair growth. Many people find the entire process of brushing their tresses with long steady strokes to be very relaxing and therapeutic.

When using one of these unique brushes important sebum oil manufactured at the roots is not allowed to accumulate in clumps on the scalp. Sebum oil accumulation has a tendency to leave hair looking dirty, oily and limp. With steady brushing the oil is taken up on the natural bristles and spread all the way down to the ends.

With its primary function to enhance the hair's condition and ensure it is always clean and polished in appearance these brushes are hi-tech. They are indeed an old fashioned concept that is still ideal in the 21st century.

Please visit here for further information to find out what is a boar bristle hair brush, how to use it, how to clean it, which hairbrush is right for your hair type, and many more.

Salon hair dryers kinds of heating technology a professional dryer

Salon hair dryers kinds incredibly fast heat

Whether you're searching for a good quality blow dryer for your salon or you want to have a professional dryer for your personal use, a salon blow dryer is always the best choice. Looking for a salon hair dryer usually means that you need an appliance that can handle unbeatable power and incredibly fast heat. So what do you look for to ensure that the hair dryer you purchase has them?

First of all, check that the blow dryer is professional. When you use a professional hair dryer you won't have to worry about things like hair damage or frizz since these styling tools use only the highest quality materials to produce superior results and maximum performance when you blow dry or style. They feature the latest heating technologies which aside from making your blow drying process a lot safer, they also make it a lot less time consuming.

There are different kinds of heating technology such as ceramic, tourmaline and ionic. All of these are used and highly recommended by salon professionals due to their gentle far infrared heating and smoothing ionic technology. Far infrared heating saves you from harsh drying and brittle hair by warming your locks from the inside to preserve natural moisture and maintain healthy looking hair. Ionic technology speeds up drying time to lessen heat exposure while smoothing the cuticles for protection and shine. It also acts as a shield for your hair to repel frizz and keep your locks sleek and stylish.

Ceramic hair dryers are extremely versatile and are ideal for all hair types, but If your hair is thick, curly or frizzy then a tourmaline or ionic hair dryer would be best. Ionic hair dryers are the fastest and are known to give a healthier glow to your hair, but even though they're also the most expensive on the market this hasn't stopped them from being the most popular among pros and home users.

For salons, a blow dryer that features multiple heat and speed settings is indispensable since different hair types require different configurations. The Karmin Salon Pro Ceramic Blow Dryer is a fine example of what a professional dryer should have as it has multiple features and a powerful 2000 Watt motor for unbeatably fast drying. It's also very light and comfortable to use while providing a nozzle attachment for concentrated styling. So if a salon blow dryer is what you're looking for then you've just found the best in the business.

Kristy is a professional stylist with 5 salons and full time writer for Rylees. Rylees offers Blow Dryer Reviews and the Best Flat Iron. Free Shipping on orders over $75 and same day shipping.

Blow dryer for curly hair safely and quickly natural oils produced

Blow dryer for curly hair sprevent dryness and damage

Curly locks may mean frizzy disaster when you use any old hair dryer, but when you use the correct blow dryer for curly hair, you will notice a big difference. Standard blow dryers aren't always equipped with enough power or heat to blow dry curly hair safely and quickly, which is why you need to search for something a little more potent.

Curly hair can be a complicated hair type because of its particular structure. When your hair is curly, you may notice that it can become dry quite easily and there is an explanation for this. Basically the natural oils produced in your scalp (that naturally condition the strands) are unable to travel the twists and curls of the hair shaft so the ends can become dry quickly. Simply buying a hair dryer for curly hair won't completely do the trick, you also have to submit your locks to a rigorous conditioning treatment to restore the moisture and nutrients into your locks and keep them hydrated continuously.

Naturally, the ideal choice would be to suspend the use of all heat styling tools and let your hair air dry so as to prevent dryness and damage. Of course, not a lot of people have the time to wait for their hair to air dry or maybe they want more polished results and depend on blow dryers to blow dry their curls straight. When this is the case, you need to find a blow dryer that is able to retain moisture in your hair and possible provide more so that the strands are conditioned and healthy. There are such hair dryers and they contain high quality heating elements such as ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic blow dryers are the best choice for curly hair because of all the advantages they provide.

Ceramic is a safe styling material and it is favored among stylists and home users. This material is capable of producing a gentle infrared heat and negative ions to dry hair from the inside out without boiling the water off like standard blow dryers. Ceramic also seals in moisture and smoothes down the hair shaft for shiny and vibrant results.

If you wish to enhance the natural texture of your hair, you should purchase a diffuser attachment with your hair dryer (if it doesn't already arrive with one). The diffuser directs the airflow over your curls and with the help of its prongs you can grab sections of hair and hold them in a curled position against your head to keep your natural texture without experiencing the frizz.

Kristy is a professional stylist with 5 salons and full time writer for Safrons. Safrons offers Curling Irons and the Tourmaline Hair Dryer by Karmin. Free Shipping on orders over $75 and same day shipping.

Health care tips essential life out of hair and the natural

Health care tips avoid daily shampooing

Winter weather means dryer hair and scalp. There are essential health care tips to keep hair beautiful in the winter though. No one has to suffer from a dry, flaky and itchy scalp. Brittle hair can be combated. Winter weather is dryer than any other time of the year. That dryness sucks the life out of hair and the natural oils out of the scalp, which is what causes hair to break and flaky scalp.

The first of the essential health care tips to keep hair beautiful in the winter is to avoid daily shampooing. Shampoos are known to wash away the scalps natural oils which are needed to keep it healthy and keep it from drying out. These natural oils also help keep hair looking shiny and healthy. Instead of shampooing daily, shampoo only once every other day, or less. There are dry shampoos that can be used in between regular washing times.

For those that suffer from dry scalp, or dandruff, beautiful hair can be achieved with the use of dandruff shampoos. Look for ingredients like zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, salicylic acid and coal tar. Use these shampoos as directed on the bottle, for best results. Another ingredient in shampoos and conditioners that can help stop itching and dryness is tea tree oil.

Always use conditioner after shampooing. This will help keep hair healthy and beautiful by replacing some of the natural oils that have been washed out during shampooing. Conditioner also makes hair easier to comb and/or brush through, which can help prevent breakage. For dryer winter hair use a leave in conditioner as well. Leave in conditioner are lighter in weight than regular conditioners, so they don't need to be rinsed after application.

Another one of the essential health care tips to keep hair beautiful in the winter is to avoid using curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers during this time of the year. These only dry the hair out more. Though a leave in conditioner can help add some moisture back after heating the hair, it is best to find hair care products specifically made to give the hair heat protection.

Hair benefits greatly from brushing. Brushing from scalp to ends for at least ten minutes each night helps spread the healthy oils from the scalp through the hair, which can help make it softer and keep it looking shinier and healthier, especially in the winter. The natural oils from the scalp help keep hair from breaking too. During the winter hair can get very dry and brittle and can easily break, even just by laying down. Because hats can damage dry and brittle hair too, it is important to do everything possible to keep hair moist and healthy in the winter.

Jennifer works as a freelance writer for a number of firms. For more information on Cloud Nine hair straighteners and other aspects relating to this article such as scalp treatments for winter then please visit

SXC health solutions effectiveness of antidepressants and psychotherapy

SXC health solutions edepression for over 8 years

It's not your fault. They may also suffer physical symptoms such as drastic changes in eating and sleeping patterns, always restless and wanted the power of focus. I feel your pain because I am a person suffering from depression for over 8 years and I am sure I can say that's not their fault.

Let me tell you why you're here. You are here because you know that clinical depression is not the way you want for your life. You know that either way, there are ways to overcome them. But the solution to avoid just because you are not experiencing the process of overcoming depression one step at a time.
You may have spent years looking for me, but spent looking for the best part of my life for you to tell you this - is "stuck" in the depression that the effectiveness of antidepressants and psychotherapy allow depression to take international control of your life. Depression was your experience during which you begin to believe that this is what they are. But that's just something that, for example, has a "heart disease".

Such as heart disease, depression is suspected due to the factors of the complex and interrelated: genetic, biochemical environment. Whatever the cause (discussed shortly), who unknowingly so depressed. We have learned to care for and work around it.

Although you can achieve great things, but the struggle continues, rather than satisfaction. We expect this technique to pass the day, we lose a real recovery, deep joy and healthy emotion, or feeling that life on this planet. In the end, things only get worse if the cause is not treated.

Get the facts!
Hypothesis 1: Depression is a medical illness caused by neurochemicals
As with previous research shows, only the symptoms and physical symptoms rather than causes.
Depression can feel like a physical disorder because you feel sleepy all the time, body aches and pains, changes in sleep patterns and more. But remember, all these physical symptoms caused by depression and not vice versa.

Important to note is the fact that there is a decrease in neurotransmitters (monoamines such as serotonin and norepinephrine) in many cases of depression. However, low levels of serotonin are the symptoms of depression, not a cause. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that if you give up the pleasure to participate in activities and pessimistic thinking, low serotonin levels.
Theory 2: Depression is in the genes

Depression is learned, not genetic. It is because depression is much to do with the style of thinking, behavior and interpersonal relationships of the DNA, and therefore many opportunities for people to learn the style of family depression. In this case, more likely to experience depression, but not for the sake of their genes, but their desire to learn what they see and follow.

Assumption 3: Depression caused by traumatic events and adverse experiences
If something bad happens to you or your loved ones around him, of course, is perfectly natural to feel sad, hurt, anger or shock. Often a traumatic event can be attributed to the initial depression, but that does not mean cause. It is clear that since we are all aware of the people survive the most horrible conditions imaginable without becoming clinically depressed.

Much people write to tell me about the thousands of dollars they spent on doctors, therapists, and medication when in the end, all we need is a technique I described in "Methods of depression-free." Do not believe the burden of high tariffs that do not need for assistance and expertise so I think you will find these updates interesting.

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Lose tummy fat fast how to get rid of stomach fat strict diet plans

Find ways on how to lose tummy fat

Do you see bulges protruding in your stomach? It really is not a pretty sight. Stubborn fat in the stomach is such a no-no these days when everybody seems to look fit! Well what are the reasons for this tummy fat anyways? There are times when your genetic make-up can be the one to blame. However, it is important to realize that you can always choose the how you want yourself to look these days. If you want to achieve a flat stomach, it is necessary to find ways on how to lose tummy fat. Well, losing body fat has always been a challenge. It requires a strong will and determination to avoid the thought of giving up. It is important to follow strict diet plans and engage in several workout routines which could lead to a fast fat loss. Since our generation are bombarded with many tips on how to get rid of stomach fat, it is already confusing on which advices to follow. Many people have thought that they could get a flat stomach by doing several abdominal exercises. However, it is impossible to target a certain body part because your muscle works as a unit. Losing body fat in your stomach will require proper diet, full-body resistance training exercises and cardiovascular exercises. These exercises must be done around 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the elevated level of your metabolism. It is also important to incorporate these exercises with variety of abdominal exercises because it will help build more muscles in the stomach area. Diet has a big influence in weight loss. If order to lose fat in the stomach area and acquire that sexy abs, you must avoid food which could aggravate the bulges. Many people have thought that sugar-free food will not affect anything. However, sugar-free food contains components which can cause a puffy look to your stomach. Sodium, sugar, and carbonated drinks can have the same effect, as well. To lose the fat in your stomach, it is better to indulge in food with protein, complex carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. It is also better to give up comfort food such as chocolates, French fries, chips, and the like. Not only they do not have any nutrients, they contain several calories and fat content which can add up to your scale. There are several facts and myths regarding weight loss and how people can have Fast Fat Loss. However, it is still important to keep your patience and determination in check because they will serve as a guide in the journey of losing body fat. Do not lose hope because there are several ways on how you can lose tummy fat.

Getting rid of belly fat for women visceral or intra-abdominal fat greater health risks

Getting rid of belly fat for women attractive to look out

Belly fat in women is not attractive and more importantly it is not healthy. Getting rid of women's belly fat should be the number one priority for any woman. Do not cry tomorrow that your partner is attracted to another woman. You are the cause. Your belly fat is ugly. You are no more attractive to look out when you are naked. Not to worry, this article will enlighten you on the dangers of ugly abdominal fat in women and the need to look attractive always. Deciding to get rid of your belly fat can prove very beneficial. Belly fat in women is truly unhealthy and not a joking matter, therefore any woman with a body mass index of 34 or less and a fat belly is considered a health risk. Fatty tissue stored around the abdominal and stomach area of any woman, also known as visceral or intra-abdominal fat, is known to carry with it greater health risks when compared to fat carried around the thighs and buttocks (lower body fat). Several research findings have shown conclusively that belly fat can and does lead to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, increased blood sugar, increased cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. With this in mind, several health practitioners are of the view that fat distribution and waist circumference are more important to actual weight gauges when predicting health risks in the future. One of the ways to get rid of women belly fat is through the maintenance of normal weight standards for your age and body type. Matching calorie needs to calorie intake prevents weight increase, at the same time preventing excess fat developments. For those with ugly belly fat, the ideal solution is to follow through with a healthy diet focusing on weight loss, simultaneously with fitness exercises like aerobics, which burns excess calories and a toning workout focusing on the stomach area, which aids in strengthening and tightening abdominal muscles. That said, getting rid of excess belly fat will take some time, your will power and patience. Another approach some women take to get rid of women belly fat is taking weight loss pills. There are many varieties and brands available, for those without the time for exercise or diets. Yet another method of getting rid of belly fat or losing belly fat is through surgery. Medically, this solution should only apply to those over a hundred pounds overweight. There are 3 types of surgical approach to get rid of belly fat - stomach banding, where sections of the stomach are banded off turning the stomach lesser in size and therefore holding less food amounts; gastric bypass where food bypasses the stomach and ends up in the intestines and lastly, liposuction also known as body sculpting because it is a cosmetic operation. Fat is sucked out of a woman's body. It does not exceed ten pounds. The choice depends on which method you want to use to get rid of your ugly belly fat. Pills and surgery may be good to some people who want to get rid of their women belly fat, but they both carry some adverse side effects. Belly fat in women can be reduced by taking to natural methods like eating healthy food and exercising properly. The natural and healthy approach remains the ideal methods for a woman to lose belly fat and live long enough to enjoy your grandchildren. According to the latest study that looked at the relationship between women belly fat and death, the findings concluded that women who have excess weight around their waists instead of on their buttocks and thighs have an increased risk of dying prematurely. Need I say more! Long duration exercises do not work to get rid of women belly fat. Click here to learn how to lose belly fat fast and naturally without any side effects. Act now! Be healthy and more attractive to your partner and colleagues. Surprise everyone with your sexy and beautiful shape. 6

Getting rid of belly fat fast proper Diet and Nutrition plan

Getting rid of belly fat fast man and woman's dream

ow many days more do you want to go by where you wake up every morning and look at the mirror just to see that overhanging belly that never seems to go in? Have you ever wished to just chop if off once and for all? How many times have you got upset when you couldn't buy a nice pair of jeans that fits your size? You need to forget the idea of a thousand of crunches. I bet that even if you do a million crunches, you are going to get the same slow result as doing a hundred crunches. So don't waste your time and energy in something that simple won't work. Getting flat abs is every man and woman's dream, in their consciousness or at least in their sub consciousness. And that dream of yours can very soon become a reality if you follow the following steps I have outlined in a simple and easy to follow system. # You need to think big. If you are working to get rid of belly fat ONLY, then you have to understand that every time you lose a pound of fat in your belly, another pound of fat falls into your belly from another part of your body. This shows that you have excess fat. And if this is the case, you can't get rid of belly fat by simple ab crunches. You need to work on getting rid of fat from all over your body. This means, you need to do more resistance training that works your entire body. # You need resistance training. Since you goal is to get rid of belly fat FAST, the best exercises to perform are ones that can turn your body into fat burning blowtorch. And what are these exercises called? Compound Exercises. Compound exercises, to be simply put, are single exercises that target many muscle groups all at once. Example: The Famous "Pushup", targets the biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, and the abs. The Powerful "Dead lift", targets the thighs, quads, buns, abs, core, traps. Let's compare: Bicep Curl targets the biceps. Tricep Kickback targets the triceps. Leg Press targets the quads. You can get a hardcore fat loss workout in less than 10 minutes if you choose the right compound exercises. If you want to get rid of belly fat fast, you need resistance training, and the fastest resistance training exercises that can speed up the goal to losing belly fat and getting that nice set of abs is compound exercises. # You need a proper Diet and Nutrition plan. Did you know that diet and nutrition accounts for 80% of your body fat system? If you want to get rid of belly fat fast, then you need to: => Eat more often, a minimum of 6 short meals a day. => Have a portion of lean protein in every meal. This could be a protein shake, chicken breast etc... => Eat breakfast like a king, and dinner like a peasant. This means, you need to eat less in your dinner than you eat in your other meals. => Like parents always say, always eat your green vegetables. => Try to have a glass of green tea after every meal. This helps control your hunger. => Drink a minimum of 10 glasses a day. => Keep sugar levels low, but not too low, you need a little sugar to keep your system active. No wonder eating too many chocolates makes us hyper active. => Never let yourself to starve. This trigger's fasting inside your system, and starts storing more fat instead of burning them. If you want to get rid of belly fat, then you really have to follow the diet and nutrition plan. It is the most important of all factors. Even if you skip the first three factors, Diet and nutrition can help you achieve 80% of your fat loss goal. So, to sum it up, three things are crucial if you want to get rid of belly fat fast. You need to lose fat from all over your body, perform more compound exercises, and an optimized diet and nutrition plan. What if I tell you I have 10 Minute Fat Burning Workouts that will skyrocket your metabolism way higher than one hour wokouts?. And the best part is, I am offering it to you for a special price of $0.00.

Belly fat reduction Plank for Belly Fat Exercises look and assess your tummy

Removing belly fat is one hard thing

There are many attempts for belly fat reduction. Many have succeeded after a long wait and hard work, many have succeeded through the easiest way, but many also have failed. Removing belly fat is one hard thing to do in the body especially when you are not used to be familiar with what are to be eaten, and what is to do to achieve it. How often do you look into the mirror? Have you always been focusing on your face to see if it's pleasing to look at? How about your body? How often do you look and assess your tummy? Do you feel any layers very evident on your dress? Do you feel you need to work on it before it affects you and your health? The purpose of reducing belly fat is not just about cosmetic issues, but it is also about health issues we need to prevent from occurring because it can pose health problems later on. Having belly fat is not just about how you look, but also how do you feel inside. Meaning, it is a great way of bringing your sexy body back and a great start of improving your overall health at the same time. Having belly fat is the most stubborn area to be reduced, and has been linked to several types of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. So if you look yourself into the mirror today, take a look at your belly. Is it getting bigger and flabby each day? Avoid the health risks, live a healthy life and learn through the following tips that this article will give you. Your Activity Level... Exercise is a MUST! This is not unusual to all that sedentary lifestyle will do you no good. Just imagine the difference of the feeling you get from just sitting and lying all day long and the feeling after exercise and sweating off. It's a big difference, actually! No exercise at all can put you at high risk for heart diseases, diabetes and fatty liver. It can increase your weight and most of all; it can increase fat accumulation in your tummy. As such, exercise is one of the best ways for belly fat reduction. It doesn't take too much time for an exercise to take effect and drop some pounds as long as you have the willingness and consistency, it will take you to where you should be. What you must remember is that you do not have to start on a high intensity exercises and spot reduce. Just continue with small walks and run until you get used to it and you will start increasing your duration and intensity. Cardio training must never be out; this is very excellent in burning fats such as brisk walking jogging, aerobics, bicycling, tread milling, swimming, etc which can be done for 30 minutes daily. Do also some core exercises, your area of focus to tone and flatten at some point your midsection. Belly Fat Exercises - Plank for Belly Fat Reduction Lie down on the ground with your face facing down on the floor (make sure you have a mat) Slowly raise your body above the ground getting support from your feet and mostly the support of your hands. In performing it, make sure the hands are placed right under the shoulders. Begin to tuck in the stomach (stomach in) and hold this position as long as possible. Repeat the steps as long as you are able. - Crunches for Belly Fat Reduction Lie on your back on the ground with mat and bend your knees. Put your hands at the back of the head or side of the neck and then raise your shoulders or upper body towards the knees as possible. Hold into the position for as long as you comfortably can. Do not force when intolerable for you. - Bicycle Exercise Lie flat on your back on the ground with exercise mat and knees bent. Slowly lift one leg at least 8 inches from the floor and then place the hands on the back of head. Move the elbow into the bent knee and hold such position for 10 seconds. Slowly low down one leg and get back to a bent position. Raise the other leg and then move other elbow into the direction of the bent knee. As you change the position of the legs and arms at the same time, it looks like you are pedaling a bicycle. Make sure as you do the exercise, body is straight and no arching of back. Repeat steps as many as you can. Diet must be combined with Exercise Diet can also be very helpful in your goal to reduce belly fat, but this can only take effect when done properly and healthily. No to starvation and FAD diets. What you need to do is to eat right kind and amount of food to maintain or speed up the rate of body's metabolism. Eating smaller meals several times daily is beneficial than eating 2-3 bigger meals. A small frequent feeding can prevent you to feel hunger and overeating. The metabolism as well remains to be active all throughout the day. Eat foods with adequate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber; reduce carbohydrates intake to half and add more lean meats, fruits and vegetables to diet. Avoid refined sugars found in food such as cakes, pastries, etc. Avoid white foods such as white rice, pasta and bread. Eat more whole grains, legumes and nuts. Yes to water and no to soft drinks; water has O calories and soft drinks have more; water can hydrate the body and relieves thirst while soft drinks cannot. Water can't make your belly bulge and fat, but soft drinks really can. Switch to water now and drink 3 liters daily and add more especially when you are working out. 1000 calories burnt must be replaced by 1 liter of water to keep you hydrates despite body water loss through sweat. Other Tips For Belly Fat Reduction: Avoid excessive stress and have a good sleep daily. Stress is one factor why belly fat is evident in you. In excessive stress, large amount of cortisol is released by the body which is responsible for storing fat in the abdominal area. Quickest method: Surgery (liposuction, tummy tucks) can help provided that before you decide to submit yourself into the procedure, you are physically, mentally and financially ready. This is a cosmetic surgery which is an invasive procedure that can help you lose weight at least 5 pounds. Life threatening effects can be unavoidable so you have to discus thoroughly with your surgeon. Quick fix solutions: Pills and supplements are very popular in the market now. However, these are not highly recommended. If you want to look like you have a flat stomach although you really have it, make sure you wear clothes that are not well fitted or kind of cloth that doesn't stick or cling into the body. To get you motivated from the time you started and until you reach the middle part of the process, always take a picture of you and your belly fat weekly to show progress. Next, learn how to stay motivated and accordingly to your weight loss plans without falling short. Click on the following link and learn what is needed in order to eliminate belly fat. Are you lacking the motivation to lose weight? Visit our Stay Slim Lose Weight website and find out how you can lose the extra weight and stay slim with a healthy body.