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Duplex ultrasound advanced form of ultrasound technology veins call

Duplex ultrasound peripheral vascular arterial disease

The detection of blood flow and the presence of certain veins call for a very advanced form of ultrasound technology. When most people think of ultrasound, they think of the fairly limited ultrasound used to detect babies in the womb of mothers.

Duplex ultrasound varies greatly from the traditional ultrasound used to check on unborn babies as well as common gynecological disorders such as ovarian cysts, in that it combines two forms of technology. Duplex combines conventional ultrasound technology with Doppler ultrasonography.
Doppler Ultrasound Technology

Traditional ultrasound uses sound waves to bounce off of blood vessels and create a picture within the body. Doppler ultrasound records sound waves as they reflect off of moving objects rather than just stationary blood vessels. It can reflect off of blood and other things moving within the body and measure speed and other aspects of flow.

When Duplex is used
There are a number of different reasons duplex ultrasound may be used. The various types of duplex include;
o Arterial and venous duplex-this is used to view blood vessels and flow in the abdominal area.
o Carotid duplex-used to view the carotid artery in the neck. This artery is essential to life.
o Duplex ultrasound-used for examination of the extremities such as arms or legs.
o Renal duplex-examines the kidneys and their accompanying blood vessels.
How the Test is done

If your doctor orders a duplex ultrasound, it will likely be performed in the ultrasound or radiology department. Tests done for cosmetic vein procedures might be performed in the office or medical spa the treatment is being done at.
During the exam:

o You will be wearing a medical gown and gel will be spread over the area that will be examined.
o A wand, called a transducer, will be moved over the area and it sends out sound waves.
o A computer measures sound waves and changes them into pictures.
o You will hear a swishing sound which is the sound of your blood moving through the arteries and veins.
During certain tests, doctors may wish to calculate an ankle-brachial or ABI index. This is done by wearing blood pressure cuffs on your arms and legs. This test checks for the possible presence of peripheral vascular arterial disease.

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