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Belly fat reduction Plank for Belly Fat Exercises look and assess your tummy

Removing belly fat is one hard thing

There are many attempts for belly fat reduction. Many have succeeded after a long wait and hard work, many have succeeded through the easiest way, but many also have failed. Removing belly fat is one hard thing to do in the body especially when you are not used to be familiar with what are to be eaten, and what is to do to achieve it. How often do you look into the mirror? Have you always been focusing on your face to see if it's pleasing to look at? How about your body? How often do you look and assess your tummy? Do you feel any layers very evident on your dress? Do you feel you need to work on it before it affects you and your health? The purpose of reducing belly fat is not just about cosmetic issues, but it is also about health issues we need to prevent from occurring because it can pose health problems later on. Having belly fat is not just about how you look, but also how do you feel inside. Meaning, it is a great way of bringing your sexy body back and a great start of improving your overall health at the same time. Having belly fat is the most stubborn area to be reduced, and has been linked to several types of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. So if you look yourself into the mirror today, take a look at your belly. Is it getting bigger and flabby each day? Avoid the health risks, live a healthy life and learn through the following tips that this article will give you. Your Activity Level... Exercise is a MUST! This is not unusual to all that sedentary lifestyle will do you no good. Just imagine the difference of the feeling you get from just sitting and lying all day long and the feeling after exercise and sweating off. It's a big difference, actually! No exercise at all can put you at high risk for heart diseases, diabetes and fatty liver. It can increase your weight and most of all; it can increase fat accumulation in your tummy. As such, exercise is one of the best ways for belly fat reduction. It doesn't take too much time for an exercise to take effect and drop some pounds as long as you have the willingness and consistency, it will take you to where you should be. What you must remember is that you do not have to start on a high intensity exercises and spot reduce. Just continue with small walks and run until you get used to it and you will start increasing your duration and intensity. Cardio training must never be out; this is very excellent in burning fats such as brisk walking jogging, aerobics, bicycling, tread milling, swimming, etc which can be done for 30 minutes daily. Do also some core exercises, your area of focus to tone and flatten at some point your midsection. Belly Fat Exercises - Plank for Belly Fat Reduction Lie down on the ground with your face facing down on the floor (make sure you have a mat) Slowly raise your body above the ground getting support from your feet and mostly the support of your hands. In performing it, make sure the hands are placed right under the shoulders. Begin to tuck in the stomach (stomach in) and hold this position as long as possible. Repeat the steps as long as you are able. - Crunches for Belly Fat Reduction Lie on your back on the ground with mat and bend your knees. Put your hands at the back of the head or side of the neck and then raise your shoulders or upper body towards the knees as possible. Hold into the position for as long as you comfortably can. Do not force when intolerable for you. - Bicycle Exercise Lie flat on your back on the ground with exercise mat and knees bent. Slowly lift one leg at least 8 inches from the floor and then place the hands on the back of head. Move the elbow into the bent knee and hold such position for 10 seconds. Slowly low down one leg and get back to a bent position. Raise the other leg and then move other elbow into the direction of the bent knee. As you change the position of the legs and arms at the same time, it looks like you are pedaling a bicycle. Make sure as you do the exercise, body is straight and no arching of back. Repeat steps as many as you can. Diet must be combined with Exercise Diet can also be very helpful in your goal to reduce belly fat, but this can only take effect when done properly and healthily. No to starvation and FAD diets. What you need to do is to eat right kind and amount of food to maintain or speed up the rate of body's metabolism. Eating smaller meals several times daily is beneficial than eating 2-3 bigger meals. A small frequent feeding can prevent you to feel hunger and overeating. The metabolism as well remains to be active all throughout the day. Eat foods with adequate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber; reduce carbohydrates intake to half and add more lean meats, fruits and vegetables to diet. Avoid refined sugars found in food such as cakes, pastries, etc. Avoid white foods such as white rice, pasta and bread. Eat more whole grains, legumes and nuts. Yes to water and no to soft drinks; water has O calories and soft drinks have more; water can hydrate the body and relieves thirst while soft drinks cannot. Water can't make your belly bulge and fat, but soft drinks really can. Switch to water now and drink 3 liters daily and add more especially when you are working out. 1000 calories burnt must be replaced by 1 liter of water to keep you hydrates despite body water loss through sweat. Other Tips For Belly Fat Reduction: Avoid excessive stress and have a good sleep daily. Stress is one factor why belly fat is evident in you. In excessive stress, large amount of cortisol is released by the body which is responsible for storing fat in the abdominal area. Quickest method: Surgery (liposuction, tummy tucks) can help provided that before you decide to submit yourself into the procedure, you are physically, mentally and financially ready. This is a cosmetic surgery which is an invasive procedure that can help you lose weight at least 5 pounds. Life threatening effects can be unavoidable so you have to discus thoroughly with your surgeon. Quick fix solutions: Pills and supplements are very popular in the market now. However, these are not highly recommended. If you want to look like you have a flat stomach although you really have it, make sure you wear clothes that are not well fitted or kind of cloth that doesn't stick or cling into the body. To get you motivated from the time you started and until you reach the middle part of the process, always take a picture of you and your belly fat weekly to show progress. Next, learn how to stay motivated and accordingly to your weight loss plans without falling short. Click on the following link and learn what is needed in order to eliminate belly fat. Are you lacking the motivation to lose weight? Visit our Stay Slim Lose Weight website and find out how you can lose the extra weight and stay slim with a healthy body.

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