Saturday, 30 June 2012

Getting rid of belly fat fast proper Diet and Nutrition plan

Getting rid of belly fat fast man and woman's dream

ow many days more do you want to go by where you wake up every morning and look at the mirror just to see that overhanging belly that never seems to go in? Have you ever wished to just chop if off once and for all? How many times have you got upset when you couldn't buy a nice pair of jeans that fits your size? You need to forget the idea of a thousand of crunches. I bet that even if you do a million crunches, you are going to get the same slow result as doing a hundred crunches. So don't waste your time and energy in something that simple won't work. Getting flat abs is every man and woman's dream, in their consciousness or at least in their sub consciousness. And that dream of yours can very soon become a reality if you follow the following steps I have outlined in a simple and easy to follow system. # You need to think big. If you are working to get rid of belly fat ONLY, then you have to understand that every time you lose a pound of fat in your belly, another pound of fat falls into your belly from another part of your body. This shows that you have excess fat. And if this is the case, you can't get rid of belly fat by simple ab crunches. You need to work on getting rid of fat from all over your body. This means, you need to do more resistance training that works your entire body. # You need resistance training. Since you goal is to get rid of belly fat FAST, the best exercises to perform are ones that can turn your body into fat burning blowtorch. And what are these exercises called? Compound Exercises. Compound exercises, to be simply put, are single exercises that target many muscle groups all at once. Example: The Famous "Pushup", targets the biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, and the abs. The Powerful "Dead lift", targets the thighs, quads, buns, abs, core, traps. Let's compare: Bicep Curl targets the biceps. Tricep Kickback targets the triceps. Leg Press targets the quads. You can get a hardcore fat loss workout in less than 10 minutes if you choose the right compound exercises. If you want to get rid of belly fat fast, you need resistance training, and the fastest resistance training exercises that can speed up the goal to losing belly fat and getting that nice set of abs is compound exercises. # You need a proper Diet and Nutrition plan. Did you know that diet and nutrition accounts for 80% of your body fat system? If you want to get rid of belly fat fast, then you need to: => Eat more often, a minimum of 6 short meals a day. => Have a portion of lean protein in every meal. This could be a protein shake, chicken breast etc... => Eat breakfast like a king, and dinner like a peasant. This means, you need to eat less in your dinner than you eat in your other meals. => Like parents always say, always eat your green vegetables. => Try to have a glass of green tea after every meal. This helps control your hunger. => Drink a minimum of 10 glasses a day. => Keep sugar levels low, but not too low, you need a little sugar to keep your system active. No wonder eating too many chocolates makes us hyper active. => Never let yourself to starve. This trigger's fasting inside your system, and starts storing more fat instead of burning them. If you want to get rid of belly fat, then you really have to follow the diet and nutrition plan. It is the most important of all factors. Even if you skip the first three factors, Diet and nutrition can help you achieve 80% of your fat loss goal. So, to sum it up, three things are crucial if you want to get rid of belly fat fast. You need to lose fat from all over your body, perform more compound exercises, and an optimized diet and nutrition plan. What if I tell you I have 10 Minute Fat Burning Workouts that will skyrocket your metabolism way higher than one hour wokouts?. And the best part is, I am offering it to you for a special price of $0.00.

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