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Aerobic weights workout for water aerobics equipment your heart and muscles

Aerobic weights workout benefits for water aerobics

Do you have a want to try aerobic exercise, but cannot handle the high impact variety? Why not try a water aerobic workout for minimum impact but maximum aerobic benefit. Water aerobics are gentle on the joints as well as the back, so they can be done by people with joint and back problems. Water aerobics are also good for pregnant women, people who get overheated easily and those who are obese and want to get in shape safely. You don't need to know how to swim for water aerobics workouts, since many are done in waist-deep water. The benefits of using specially designed water aerobics equipment follow. 1. The instructor will generally use music and choreography as in other aerobics classes, and you might also work with equipment such as kick boards or wrist weights. Some water aerobics equipment is helpful for the aerobics routine. Products such as the AquaJogger, which is a buoyancy belt, helps to suspend you comfortably in deep water up to shoulder level, enabling you to breathe in a normal fashion as well as move about freely. 2. Water dumbbells are ideal for medium resistance and help tone, strengthen and support the upper body. They have soft padded grips and are well constructed and provide great value for money. The trifit adjustable swim bar is ideal for upper body workouts. Its movable foam rounds help make up different exercise options and is a great flotation aid for children as well as being a balance bar for grown-ups. 3. Step up the intensity of your water aerobics workout with weights. Water aerobic weights are different from the metal and plastic weights you find in the gym. Constructed from a dense foam material water aerobic weights can be used for buoyancy as well as resistance. Instead of coming in a variety of weight, they come in selections of resistance. Water aerobic weights let you perform upper body exercises such as the biceps curl and the chest press in the water for additional resistance to work your muscles harder. You can also use water aerobic weights to work your legs with kicking motions in the water. Always start with a lower resistance and slowly work your way to the more challenging weights. 4. You need proper water aerobic shoes to help provide added traction for greater stability in the water. Water aerobic shoes also protect your feet from cuts or scrapes in case the pool has a rough surface. Most department stores and sporting goods stores carry water aerobics shoes. The aquarunners water fitness resistance footwear allows for an increased cardiovascular workout and is good for strengthening and toning the lower body. It's soft and durable and doesn't react to chlorine. It has a slip-on design with straps that can adjust to the width of the feet and an adjustable floating heel strap. Water aerobic shoes should be breathable and made with single layer of air mesh uppers for quick drying. They should ideally be low-heeled because they are great for training and swimming in the water, be it a pool, in the ocean or a lake. A good pair of water shoes should also fit the shape of the feet while providing adequate protection for all types of water workouts. Another benefit a pair of water aerobic shoes have is they provide you with buoyancy to the water fitness workout. This increases drag to tone the muscles in a low impact way. They should be made of soft and durable EVA foam. There are plenty of benefits gained through water aerobic exercises. If you decide to add water aerobics equipment to your workout, it is a good idea to follow a few basic guidelines. Always begin your program with a warm-up to prepare your heart and muscles for the work that lies ahead. Finish off with a cool down that will give your heart rate a chance to return to normal. Be careful not to overdo your workout - sometimes it is more difficult to measure how hard you are working while your body is in the water, but you will know after your program if you were working at the proper level by how tired and sore you are. Cindy Heller is a professional writer. Visit water aerobic exercise to learn more about water aerobics and other water aerobics equipment.

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