Thursday, 28 June 2012

Common knee injuries how well you recover degree of seriousness

Common knee injuries treated properly

A sprained knee is one of the most common knee injuries that one can experience. Individuals who play sports or participate in physical activities are more likely to experience knee related issues. Common knee injuries can also vary in the degree of seriousness, for example some can be very serious, such as ACL or MCL tears and others can be simply a sprain or twist of the knee. Other similar injuries also include meniscal tears, this is also an injury which occurs in the knee area, however this type of injury can sometimes heal without surgery depending on the severity of the meniscal tear. In certain circumstances, a meniscal tear will require surgery if the tear is large enough that healing on its own is not an option. One of the more important factors regarding an injured knee is accurately diagnosing the severity of the injury. Doctor's will sometimes prescribe imaging tests such as MRI's and X-RAY's to properly determine how critical the injury is. In terms of recovery, sometimes an individual is able to recover more quickly due to their overall health and the shape that they are in. On the contrary, when a person is inactive or out of shape, recovering from even non-serious injuries can be a daunting and difficult task. It is important to note that if the injury is treated properly and receives the right form of physical therapy, a full recovery can be expected. Remember, common knee injuries like a sprained knee will usually require the individual to not participate in contact or physical sports for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. More serious injuries such as ligament tears to the ACL or MCL, would require a surgery from a health care professional as well as extensive physical therapy to allow for the ligaments to properly heal. Although the ACL tear is a very serious injury, it unfortunately occurs frequently and is very common in sports. In almost all cases an ACL tear requires surgery, if an individual decides against surgery for an ACL tear, their sports career will more than likely be over. Another factor when looking at common knee injuries is to determine which sport the individual was playing when they experienced the knee damage. American football is a popular sport that routinely sees these types of damages to a person's knee. This is usually a direct result of the fact that the American football is a direct impact sport which results in direct hits to the knees. As a result, common knee injuries such as a sprained knee as well as ligament tear injuries are reported frequently. Another factor that contributes to knee injuries is the age of the person, older people are generally more inclined to experience common knee injuries, this is due to the fact that sometimes their joints are weaker, thus making them prone to such injuries. Common knee injuries occur all the time, the most important factor in determining how well you recover is that you are treated quickly and efficiently. It is also imperative that you receive proper diagnosis from your health care practitioner so that more serious knee injuries are treated with an urgency to allow for a complete recovery.

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