Thursday, 28 June 2012

Core muscle exercises to keep a balance and flexibility strong back muscle

Core muscle exercises building muscle bulk in just about 2 weeks

Body building and lifestyle is so much hyped and discussed in today's fast paced world where everyone wants to feel and look good that you will see thousands of advertisements, brochures, and word of mouth talks doing the round promoting one product or the other related with these factors. However some of it is rather hyped and some of them even promise false about building muscle bulk in just about 2 weeks. A beautiful body just like everything else in life, comes with hard work, dedication and patience. One of the most important aspect of body building is the core muscle exercises. What is core muscle exercises? Our core body is actually three muscle parts of our body - abdominal, pelvic region, and lower back. These muscles actually hold together the whole body, and give you your posture, and balance. If you have a strong back muscle you stand tall, and right irrespective of being short. All sportsperson especially have strong core muscles which helps them to keep a balance and flexibility. There are basically three core muscle exercises that can give you the perfect muscles that you always wanted. Squat: Squat exercises needs energy and strength. So when you have decided to do squat make sure to start with them immediately after ten minutes of cardio to warm you up and devote half of your exercise routine to them. It is primarily an exercise which helps in building leg muscles. Take a barbell (you should add weights that you are comfortable in. Never add more weight than you can handle. Remember you are not training to be a weight lifter here) and put it across your shoulder. Bend your knees and hips and gradually lower the barbell. Then very slowly push the barbell back in its original position. Initially it may feel tough and eat away most of your energy but with incessant practice you can master this. Do it slowly and hold it in its original position. count five in that position and then do the next one. Start with two sets of 12 each and then go on to 3 sets after a week. The main core muscles that are being acted upon while squatting are your gluts, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Your lower back muscles are also coming into contact here. Bench press: Amongst men when they are discussing about core muscle exercises in the training room you often get to hear "How much do you bench". Benching is actually a measurement of man's strength and the more a man bench the more popular he is. The bench is simple yet it needs tremendous strength to perform it. It aims at the entire pectoral muscles- from the shoulder to the triceps. Lie on your back, grip the barbell keeping your hand wide apart, and press the bar to your chest. It is important to remember that you can handle more weight lying down than you can possibly handle standing up. When you have mastered the simple bench press go on to others like board presses, bench press negatives. Do a repletion of two sets in the beginning and three the next week. Try to do 12 in a set. Wide grip chin up: Chin up is one exercise that gives away even the strongest of lifters. It is mainly aimed at the upper back, biceps and forearms. The lesser the weight you select in the assisted weight bar machine the greater is your strength. It is inversely related to the number of weights put. Hold the bar widely, your chin up, and try to pull yourself up until your chin is touching the bar. Veru demanding exercises. Should be avoided by first timers. It should also be remembered that these core muscle exercises are very demanding to the body and need the utmost strength. Do them twice or at the most thrice a week. Try to alternate cardio, or stretches in between days.

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