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Cardio weight workouts burning fat ab exercises for building muscles

Cardio weight workouts for building muscles

Many men dream of having perfectly toned washboard abs. Maybe you have tried different kinds of exercises in order to get the coveted six pack look, but nothing worked. Chances are you are not doing it right. The keys to getting ripped abs are the correct combination of exercises and a well-balanced diet. Cardio ab workouts are important for burning fat and building abdominal muscles. But cardio alone is not good enough. If you want to get six pack abs fast, you have to combine three different types of exercises, namely cardio, weight training, and ab exercises.

Cardio Exercises

As mentioned previously, cardio ab workouts are essential for building muscles. Basically, the purpose of cardio is to burn fat. For people who are overweight, it is better to start with low intensity exercises to allow the body to adapt to the workouts and to improve the fitness of the body. As your fitness improves, gradually increase the intensity. If you think you have reached a steady state, switch from low intensity workouts to HIIT (high intensity interval training). This is much more effective than regular cardio training. By alternating between low intensity and high intensity workouts, your body will burn more calories. There are many different types of aerobic exercises to choose from, such as rope jumping, running, speed walking, etc.

Weight Training Exercises

Weight training requires the use of special equipments such as weighted bars, dumbbells, or weight stacks. The purpose of this training is to build and tone muscles. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so the more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn. Weight training also helps strengthen the bones, improve muscular endurance, prevent injuries, increase self-esteem, and improve coordination and balance. Do not forget to warm up for 10 to 20 minutes before exercising to avoid injuries. For first timers, do not attempt weight training exercises yourself. Consult a fitness trainer and find out which exercises are appropriate for you.

Ab Exercises

This type of exercise helps shape the abdominal muscles. There are several types of ab exercises you can perform. Different workouts work different parts of the abdomen, so you will have to combine several workouts in order to achieve best result. Ab crunches, for instance, is good for improving the upper midsection. On the other hand, reverse crunches helps develop the muscles in the lower midsection. Bicycle crunches are ideal for building the rectus abdominis (the 'six pack') and the oblique muscles. Other effective ab exercises include the plank and the mountain climber. If performed right, the combination of cardio ab workouts, weight lifting, and ab exercises can get you the six pack look you have always dreamed of. For more fitness tips, please visit our website.

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