Friday, 29 June 2012

Best muscle building workouts 5 best muscle building routines

The 5 best muscle building routines

1. High Intensity Training Routines. These routines focus on lifting heavy weight to failure, while doing minimal sets. The thinking is that when you train to failure and push your muscles to the max in 1-2 sets, then additional sets are not necessary, and actual detrimental to muscle growth. 2. The 20 Rep Squat Routine. This routine centers around the almighty 20 rep squat. Squats are known to be the best muscle builder there is, not just for the quads, but for overall growth. One of the most effective way to do squats is by performing them in the 20 rep fashion. An entire routine is written around this movement, and it is highly effective for putting on mass. 3. Heavy Duty. Highly controversial, these muscle building routines were designed by Mike Mentzer, and have different versions - Heavy Duty 1, Heavy Duty 2, and a few other variations to both. They are extreme high intensity training routines as he was adamant about keeping things to one set and one set only. His earlier HD version 1, is seen as more reasonable than his later versions, but all in all many people have in fact made substantial gains off these programs. 4. DC Rest Pause routine. This routine was designed by a bodybuilder who basically took aspects of high intensity, heavy duty, twenty repetition squats, and rest pause routines, and designed his own program. It's centered around rest pause techniques, in which you perform 1 set to failure, rest 20 seconds or so, repeat another rep with same weight, rest and repeat for a few more. All in all DC training is highly effective and one of the best muscle building routines out there. 5. Muscle Truth Routine. This program was designed by Sean Nalewanyj who transformed his own body and many others from skinny to muscular using the methods in Muscle Truth. It's a solid program and definitely one of the best muscle building routines especially for those starting out and want to see results quickly. He focuses on all the core big movements and keeps repetitions lower for quick and solid gains.

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